Nobody Left Behind

Nobody Left Behind (NLB) is a multisport initiative and engagement tool to introduce the world of work to young people.

The Nobody Left Behind programme is a 7-week sport and industry initiative combining access to sport with employability training services. The purpose is to increase people’s confidence, resilience and work ready skills. At the end of the NLB sports camps we transition people into CE Careers to gain industry training, accredited health and safety qualifications, work experience and the opportunity of employment.

Three key areas of industry training are:

1. Civil engineering

2. Telecoms

3. Passive Fire

If people are unemployed and on benefits, all these services will be fully funded, the only thing we require from you is your commitment and a willingness to learn!

Natasha Jonas and Rickie Lambert a big part of this programme and after gaining employment we will be having celebration ceremonies. Anyone who has completed NLB, CE Careers and stayed in employment for 6 months will be rewarded at an event with a sports personality hosting and presenting certificates and awards.

Contact us if Merseyside-based, aged 19-25 years and unemployed. If you are aged over 25 years and unemployed, we will still endeavour to assist you into employment.

Our mission is to place as many people into employment as possible, we do this through our partners at Procure Partnerships and tier one construction firms and their subcontractors. We offer a wrap around service to monitor and support people once in employment for a 13-week period and we support employers who employ our young people by providing a subsidiary payment of £1,000 to upskill new recruits

The NLB and CE Careers initiative is funded by Merseyside VRP, Operation Medusa, Stonehaven and the Home Office.

Visit the Nobody Left Behind website here.